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Investors are looking for new opportunities to buy off-market properties

Every day, thousands of people across all over US are looking to buy or rent out investment properties, interested in new deals and looking for a city where they could invest.

It’s hard to find answers and solve all problems when you are alone

Buying an investment property is always hundreds of questions: How does the real estate market look right? What will neighborhood be like in the future? What would be the ROI?

Investors find you

Every time investors are looking for deals in your ZIP, we provide them your Local Expert info. Therefore, we look for local experts, verify them and place their contact info on the property pages.

They rely on your expert opinion - ask questions & ask for help

We help linking investors with the best Local Verified Experts who help make decisions about a new investment property or sell an old one at the best price.

What is the real ARV of this deal?

Everyone wins. You get leads, they buy profitable properties

Everyone wins. Users find answers and solve all their real estate problems and needs. Local Experts get leads they work with and can offer their help & services.

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Steps of FastZips Lead Flow

Increase your brand exposure

Establish a presence for your business. Claim your ZIP business page fo free. We will do a small survey, verify you, and then you will get your contact information on the selected ZIP page and all local deals.

Build 1:1 interactions and relationships

Every time when investors have questions about local deals, they'll see you as a Local Expert. Users ask you questions, you get leads. Directly interact with members who want help with their real estate investment needs.

Showcase your local expertise

Investors need help figuring out the numbers. Provide your deal analysis and advice to help Investors make informed decisions. Post your review and get requests from investors .

“The goal with BRRR and flipping is to find a property where you can increase the value at amounts more than the cost of repairs. In the numbers you have given, your ARV is below the cost of the property plus repairs. So this would not be a good BRRR or Flip candidate.”
I am guessing the ARV is higher but still your goal is to get your money back. For this to work you need to be all in at 75% arv. It looks like you will leave some money in the property but there is nothing wrong with that as long as it cash flows, appreciates, and the loan gets paid down you are building wealth.
“I am confident that the property is worth that, but the recent comparable's are so few that the appraiser may have a difficult time using properties very close by. My worst case scenario is an appraisal at $250,000, which still wouldn't be the end of the world, I just wouldn't recoup every dollar invested.”

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Every time when clients have questions about a neighborhood, they'll see you as a Local Expert. Users ask you questions, you get leads. Directly interact with investors.
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